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Hello there,

If you can see this page and read these words, you a member of [S][J][P] - Surplus Jouissance Projects. As a member, you have access to members-only content. I try to keep a running somewhat organized list of that content on this page.

Intro Video:

What is Craig Mod's SP ?

Craig Mod is one of my digital heroes. He makes books, essays, newsletters (Roden, Ridgelines, Huh), podcasts (On Margins & SW945), events, and short films. And all the stuff he makes is double-plus-good!

One of the cool things about the stuff that Craig makes is how it is (for the most part) directly funded by the people who enjoy the things he makes and who support his making of these things through a membership program called Special Projects.

While I don’t have anywhere near the audience nor the reach that Craig does, I’ve become inspired by what he is doing, and that is why I made the [S][J][P] | Membership Program.

The [S][J][P] || Membership Program

Q: Why a membership program?

A: The simple truth here is that making the things I make costs me money. It does not cost a fortune or anything, but over time, the cost of web hosting and the equipment I use to make things have added up to a significant amount. I hope that a membership program will help me recoup some of the cost of making stuff that I give away for free.

Here is how it will work:

I’m going to emulate the super simplistic model that Craig Mod uses with his SP Membership program.

  • Membership costs either $10.00 a month or $100.00 a year. (That’s a 17% discount if you pay for a year rather than month to month.)
  • People can cancel anytime.
  • If anyone ever wants their money back I’ll refund them.
  • You can become a member by clicking the red "Become a member" button at the lower right hand side of this page.

All the podcasts and newsletter I’m making now will continue as they are: 100% free and available to anyone who wants to listen to or read them. Buying a membership is kind of like becoming a member of an NPR station, it’s a way to support the continued production of something that you can get for free.

However, from time to time I am going to make some new things which will be available only to members. Right now (as I write this) there are two members-only things in the works.

  1. Extrasode! A Podcast for Surplus Jouissance Projects.
  2. Some email newsletters called [S][J][P] | Things & Stuff. The form of that newsletter has yet to be determined.
  3. Some videos that show the behind the scenes stuff that goes into making the things I make. Things like doing research, episode planning, editing & mixing.