Woke up to a beautiful combination of crisp air and bright sun, a beauty of a day. Be that as it may, I felt exhausted. I thought it would clear up after I got some coffee in me, but even after two cups, it was still like I was moving slower than the rest of the world around me. Maybe it will clear up later.

Days like this make me miss the time when I could start my day slowly, brew coffee slowly, drink it slowly, sit down and read while mind and body got into sync. Those sorts of days are a thing of the past with two small children, one of which is always demanding of my attention.

Of course, having kids is, in my opinion, worth the cost of slow mornings. (Those quiet mornings could turn into lonely lazy days, and I was not too fond of those.) But that does not mean that I don't miss having my slow mornings on days like this one.

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