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Psychoanalytic Formation & Practice:

Hello, I'm Neil Gorman a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and practicing Lacanian Analyst who sees patients/analysands in person and virtually. I'm also a member of The Lacanian Compass, which is a group associated with the New Lacanian School (NLS).

I now have over 15 years of experience working with adults, couples, teens/emerging adults, and seniors. My specialties include life transitions, family conflict, parenting challenges, and existential/spiritual questions.

When someone speaks during a psychoanalytic session, I will attempt to draw their attention to the ways they are responding to various desires and demands to illuminate the patient's unconscious fantasies and beliefs, which are often hidden and originating from family history and lived experience, to emerge. When this process works, patients begin to listen to themselves differently and put into words what feels unsayable.

If you're interested in setting up an appointment with me, you can learn about my practice here, and you can set up an appointment here or by emailing me directly.

Academic Background:

I have a BA in history, a Masters in Social Work (MSW), and a Doctorate in Social Work (DSW).

I actively taught in Higher Education from 2012 to 2024. During that time, I started as an adjunct professor, then moved through the ranks to assistant professor, and eventually gained tenure and became an associate professor at Aurora University's George Williams School of Social Work, where I taught courses on the application of psychological theory to clinical practice with individuals, families, couples, and groups; diagnostics, human behavior in the social environment; and social policy and diversity. My full CV can be viewed here.

In 2024, I made the decision to step away from academic work to focus more on parenting and my clinical practice.

Although I'm not currently teaching, I still serve on dissertation committees if someone is looking for a content expert in the area of Lacanian Psychoanalysis. If you'd like to talk to me about the possibility of being on your dissertation committee, you should email me with a description of your dissertation.

Public Work:

I have been an active podcaster for several years, and he has produced several podcasts. Most of the podcasts I've l created have focused on engaging people in informal and informative conversations about psychoanalysis. In addition to this, I've also used podcasts as tools to deliver content as part of the courses I taught and share anecdotes about my formation as a clinician. Finally, I've also created podcasts that are more focused on my personal experiences of being someone born in the year 1978 who has experienced life before and after things like the internet, smartphones, and GPS became commonplace.

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