I'm Neil, and I make podcasts.

  1. InForm: Podcast | I've been making this podcast longer than any of the others. The sound and structure have changed over time, but the content is almost always about psychoanalysis.
  2. From 78 | This is an interview podcast where I try to talk to people about the ghosts and specters that haunt them.
  3. The Gorman Limit | This is a solo podcast where I talk (ramble?) about my experiences in mental health and education. Generally, the podcast focuses on trying to share what I've learned by doing the different things I've done.
  4. Advanced Clinical Social Work Lectures | These are lectures I've used in a class I teach. (I started making these lecture podcasts when COVID initially sent everyone into remote learning land. What I linked to above is the most recent version of the lectures, but the old versions are archived here, and some other lectures I did are here.)
  5. Quotidian Things & Stuff | This podcast is an attempt to re-find / re-create some of the joy that I experienced in the early days of podcasting (around 2005-2010), a time when new technology (iPods and RSS feeds) put something that had only been available to radio stations in the hands of everyone. Those early days were filled with people making a style of podcasts where they shared their interests and (often) the quotidian aspects of their lives in ways that I found completely captivating. I don't know if I can make it happen again, but I'm going to try.

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