A public sort of thinking process

In his email newsletter Carton Gravity Julian Simpson, wrote:

As of today, I am setting up a reminder to post to this site DAILY. Yes, you read that right, DAILY. The posts don't have to be long or even particularly coherent, but they need to happen because I need to build a habit, a muscle memory of these things. Every day I see something cool or interesting, and I mostly set those things aside for inclusion here at some later date and then, more often than not, forget about them. Well NO MORE! Now, the idea is that those things will go up every day, maybe even more than once a day. Then, once a week, I can email out a distillation of the chaos to those who don't use the RSS feed.

This is what I've been attempting to do with my daily postings as well. I realize that a lot of them lack cohesion, or a central point. Often the posts are fragmentary.

Like Simpson, I'm using [S][J][P] as my public notebook or commonplace book.

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