◉ A Say 001 | Hello World

◉ A Say 001 | Hello World

Hi there,

When I was young and first became interested in using the web to communicate with others, I played with many early blogging tools. One of the things I remember about all of those tools is the default post (the post that was already there as a kind of example when you got WordPress, TypePad, or whatever you were using) was always titled "Hello World."

As I sat down at my desk today with the intention of writing a newsletter, that memory popped up. I had not been thinking about this before I sat down and tried to get into the zone I try to be in when I write. "I wonder why this just came to me," I thought.

I sat with the memory for a bit. I did my best not to judge it. I just spent some time with the memory of that time, that phrase. I remembered the feeling of starting something new and fresh.

After a bit, I had a theory about why the memory presented itself: My life has changed a lot since the last time I wrote one of these. Very recently, my partner gave birth to our third child. We are in the difficult early days of adjusting everything in our lives.  

For me, one of the things that is changing is how much time and energy I'll have to make things like newsletters, the [S][J][P] blog, and podcasts. I don't know how this will change. I just know it will.


For a little bit, I was really in the groove of making things. I was putting out stuff on a very regular basis. Then, a lot happened.

  • Covid
  • My second kid was born
  • I started my psychoanalytic practice
  • I got tenure
  • My psychoanalytic practice grew a lot
  • While Covid did not end, the world around me started to act as if it had

In the midst of all of this stuff, I had less and less time and energy to devote to making things and stuff.

At the moment, I'd like to say I'll switch all that up, that I've got a plan to make more, but I don't. I want to make more, but in this case, the desire to be creating is not enough. For me to make things, I need to have the desire and the resources of time and energy.

So here is where I am:

Being a parent, professor, and psychoanalyst takes up much of my time and energy. Be that as it may, I want to try to be more deliberate about attempting to make things.

No idea how it will go. No promises.

I hope you'll be interested in what happens next.


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