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AM⌭PM | 014
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Very early

It is 5:27 am as I write this. I've managed to make my body get out of a warm bed. I can look out the window and see Christmas lights on homes, which is a pleasant thing to look at as my body adjusts to the colder temperature.

It is finals week at the university where I teach, which is always a busy time. Lots of grading will happen this week. I hate grading. I don't mind giving feedback on things that can even be fun and interesting, but grading is an activity I've never been able to do without feeling gross.

The plan: Now that my brain and body are awake enough, I'm going to go for a run on the treadmill in my basement. As I run, I intend to watch this lecture given by Lauren Groff. If the lecture is good, I'll watch the whole thing. If it does not capture my attention, I'll switch to a podcast or music. (Time is a precious thing, not to be wasted finishing videos or podcasts just because I've started them.)


The run was good. As I was listening to the lecture, I thought about how to make the teaching I do more about ideas and less about completing tasks. This isn't easy.

Even Later

I wanted to write more about my thoughts on teaching, but there with the end of the semester hustle, I've got too many tasks to do. (So many tasks, so little time to think.) Maybe I can explore that idea later.

If anyone wants to know more about my teaching, you can look at this or this.

Anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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