AM⌭PM | 020

AM⌭PM | 020
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I wrote a newsletter this morning, and right after I hit send, I noticed a typo. This was frustrating, perhaps more frustrating than a typo in a newsletter should be. I fixed the typo on the version of the post that will live here on [S][J][P], but I can't recall the email version and fix it.



Today I'm going to talk about how I'm going to structure [S][J][P]. The way I see it, there are four main sections, three are text-based, and one is audio.

  1. Notebook - A place to put things that I find here and there. The things I want to remember. Sometimes I comment on them, and sometimes I don't.
  2. Journal - More like a blog post, not yet an essay. Text where I work out what I'm thinking by writing about it.
  3. Newsletters - The weekly(ish) email newsletter thing.
  4. Podcasts - Podcasts I make.

Some future sections that I want to build someday: video, essays, classes, and books.

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