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AM⌭PM | 012
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The end of the semester is here, and so is all of the frantic activity and stress that comes with the end of a semester. Yesterday was a crazy busy day. As soon as I was awake, I was getting things done. Any "free time" was used to recalibrate and get ready for the next group of things I was going to do.

What sucks about this: A lot of the stuff I'm doing is not important, but it is stuff I need to get done. You know that kind of stuff, right? Tasks that you need to do because if you don't, the bureaucracy of life will get all messed up, and if that happens, you have to do even more annoying things to get the bureaucracy's never-ending workflow up and running.

After Thanksgiving break was over and I got back to work, I immediately felt the weight of bureaucracy's untended workflow. The rest of the week is going to be similar.

It feels like what I'm calling the bureaucracy's workflow is a lawn that grows super fast. You have to "keep up" by mowing a section of every day. If you take a break and don't mow anything (i.e., don't do all the work-related tasks), the lawn quickly turns into this small jungle. Then, if that happens, all your neighbors will call the people they call to complain about how your yard has turned into an untamed wilderness that's messing with everyone's property values. Then you'll get a fine from the lawn cops, which will, of course, be delivered as paper mail, so you won't see it till after the payment is due. Then you'll have to make an appointment to go to city hall and explain the situation to someone who does not care and will tell you that they only deal with this sort of thing on the second Thursday of the week. When you say, "There is no second Thursday of the week!" The city worker will tell you, "Unfocrhinatly sir, there is nothing I can do for you today. You'll need to come back on the second Thursday of the week." Next thing you know, you're actually trying to get your Fantastical app to schedule something on the second Thursday of the following week, and you're getting an error message...  

Wow. This is a messed-up metaphor. Am I crazy? Does anyone else feel that way?


Today I did not want to skip writing again. If I miss the daily writing practice for two days, it will likely become neglected for a month. Today I'm skipping my run, which might be a good thing. Rest days with only stretching and rolling help keep the legs from becoming injured. If there is time today (Ha!) I'll take a walk.

Anyway, the sky is turning from deep dark blue to pale gray blue. That means the day-star will soon arrive—time to get back to the hustle.

Till tomorrow.


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