Anne Carson

Several years ago, the university I taught at asked me to go to an academic conference and offered to pay for it. The conference was in Minneapolis.

My then girlfriend (now wife) had lived in Minneapolis and still knew lots of people there that she wanted to see. Given that I was going, and she liked being around me, and I liked being around her, we decided it would be a good idea to go together.

While we were there, we went to a bookstore. She bought something but would not let me see what it was because it was a gift for my birthday, which was not far away.

When my birthday arrived, I finally saw what she had bought. It was the book Float by Anne Carson. This was the first Anne Carson I had ever read, but I've been hooked on her work since.

Here is an example of Carson's style.

I'd like to give you a sense of Carson's style, and I found something that I think does the job.

WARNING: There is a lot of descriptions of violence in the story Carson reads.

The story gets really interesting and oddly funny around the 9:55 mark. But you have to listen to everything before that for the humor to work.

Coming soon:

I plan to do more blogging about Anne Carson over the next week.

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