◎ Drafts №13 | Season 2

◎ Drafts №13 | Season 2
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Hey there,

And welcome to the second season of ◎ Drafts here at [S][J][P]. For anyone who is new or who wants to revisit the first season of ◎ Drafts, you can dive into the archives here.

I've spent the last few weeks getting into the semester, reading stuff, and doing lots and lots of thinking. Now, I feel like it is time to start writing again.


What are ◎ Drafts?

I'm so glad you asked. ◎ Drafts is an email newsletter & blog that goes out to members of [S][J][P]. The blog (archive) is not out on the open web. You have to be a FREE member of [S][J][P] to read them.

I made season one of ◎ Drafts during the summer when I was not teaching and had more time, so it came out Monday through Thursday. Season two is being made during the fall semester when I'm going to have less time. As a result, I will try to send out an edition of ◎Drafts two times per week. (I might be able to get it out more often, but I don't want to commit to that.)

The goal is to have drafts be between 350-800 words. However, if season one taught me anything, it taught me that I tend to write a lot more than that. With season two, I'm hoping to be more rigorous about keeping what I send out compact. (Also, writing shorter things would allow for more frequent editions/posting.)

If you have the time drop me a line, and tell me if you'd rather have less frequent longer things or more frequent shorter things from [S][J][P] show up in your inbox.  



At the end of season one, there were a few things that had I'd spent time exploring, they were.

I suspect I'll be spending more time exploring these same things in season two. However, I think the overall feel of the content I send out will differ from season one. (I'm not sure it will be different, but I want to try out a different tone.)

On-Going Projects:

Coming soon:

I'm going to be launching a more extensive version of the [S][J][P] membership program, where people will be able to support the production of all the stuff I make under the [S][J][P] banner.



Ok, this first one is clocking in at 600 words. I think this is a good stopping point.

I hope that you're all happy to see this in your inbox. I'll write again soon.



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