Existing as an Individual & a Member of a Society

From Using Lacan, Reading Fiction, by James M. Mellard.

Various theorists have embraced Lacan because his reading of Freud has placed particular emphasis on several elements that constitute us as individuals and social beings.

This stands out to me because it references what I'd call the non-rapport (i.e., non-harmonious relationship) between a person (i.e., a speaking-being/ Parlêtre, a person who is subject to their unconscious and social forces) and the culture/society (i.e., the social-economic order, the linguistic order, the educational order, etc.) that person exists within.  

There is always some tension between a person as a subject and the larger social norms that person has to live within, regardless of how much the person aligns with said social norms.

There is always some tension between:

  • Jouissance & the social bond/discourses
  • I/A (Ego Ideal) & $ (the subject) – See the graph of desire

Be that as it may, people need to invent and maintain some way of existing with this tension that can't be 100% resolved.

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