InForm | Todd McGowan & Psychoanalysis in the Classroom

InForm | Todd McGowan & Psychoanalysis in the Classroom

Intro: Psychoanalytic superstar Todd McGowan makes his second appearance on the InForm: Podcast. In this episode (after Neil makes an error), we talk about psychoanalysis in the classroom.
Longer Show Notes: At the top of the show, you hear Neil realizing he has forgotten to hit record after we have all been talking for 25 min. But after that, you can hear Neil, Jared, and Todd discuss:

  • How Todd started to get interested in psychoanalysis as a graduate student and the impact of reading Žizek's The Sublime Object of Ideology had on his formation as a psychoanalytic thinker and teacher.
  • Does psychoanalysis need to be marginal in the classroom?
  • Staying with the 99 & letting the one go.
  • What it is like to motivate students, and one's own children... or not motivate them.
  • Trying to teach from the discourse of the analyst.
  • Teaching fro the discourse of the hysteric (or perhaps the obsessional).
  • Grading practices.
  • D&G's Anti-Oedipus as a text that might be more in line with Lacan than people think.
  • Transference to institutions.

And other stuff that I can't remember.

Todd McGowan is an author, podcaster, professor, YouTuber, and other sundry things.

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