InForm | Why Do People Enjoy Hating Freud So Much?

In this episode of the InForm Podcast, Neil & Jared explore why people enjoy hating Freud so much. Our arguments are that the education system does a horrible job of presenting Freud's work, an abundance of myths about Freud, Anti-Semitism, and the friend/enemy distinction. We sort of wandering all over the place talking about a few reasons we believe people dislike Freud so much, but we still have a lot more that we want to say. Ergo, this episode is the first in a series, which we needed to cut short when a child interrupted the recording.  

The Psychoanalysis of Everyday Life:

Why Do People Enjoy Hating On Freud:

  • Lack of any real knowledge, and an abundance of myths.
  • Bad exposure in the education system.
  • Being actually unsettled by what Freud says (Oedipal complex, unconscious, sexuality etc.
  • The friend/enemy distinction.
  • Carl Schmitt - The Friend/Enemy Distinction.
  • Giorgio Agamben & Homo Sacer.
  • The Episode of The Daily where they talk about China as the enemy

Various Sundry Things:

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