InForm | Interview w/ Peter Rollins

InForm | Interview w/ Peter Rollins

The episode you're about to listen to is a conversation with Peter Rollins, a thinker, writer, podcaster, and community organizer who works at the intersections of psychoanalysis, theology, and philosophy.

Before getting started I'd like to say the following: Getting to do this was something that was very exciting for me because I've been reading Pete's books, listening to his podcast, and watching his YouTube videos for many years, and his work has had a significant influence on me.

The conversation was long and we talked about lots of different things including,

  • Pete's own analysis
  • Attempts to hysteriasize liturgical structures
  • Productively mal-adaptive symptoms (or sinthomes)
  • The importance of lack or absence
  • The impact of Hegel on philosophy, religion, and psychoanalysis
  • Community organizing
  • Psychoanalytic schools
  • The pass
  • And much more

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