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The InForm: Media Landing Page

Where you can find info on all of the InForm: Projects I'm making. 

  • InForm: Podcast, where I have informative and (hopefully) informative conversations with different people about psychoanalysis. There are lots of one-click-subscribe options here. All the past episodes with show notes can be viewed here.
  • InForm: Seminar, where I give informal and (hopefully) informative solo lectures of varying lengths on psychoanalytic theory, concepts, and practices. One-click-subscribe options are here, and an archive of past episodes is here.
  • Super InFormal, which is a podcast for A/V Club & SUPPORTING Members of [S][J][P]

Help me make more stuff

One of the things that helps me recover the cost of making InForm: Podcast & InForm: Seminar is the support of members. If you'd like to help continue making what I make and help me make new content, please consider becoming a [S][J][P] SUPPORTING Member by clicking the become a member button.


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