InForm:Podcast | Season 5, Episodes 36 & 37


This week I released two episodes of the InForm:Podcast.

Episode 36: Season 5 Launch

The first episode (37) is a launch of season 5, and a sort of state of the podcast kind of episode. Not super exciting, but I needed to make something to get the podcasting rust off.

Episode 37: An Interview with Rob Bell

On this episode of InForm: Podcast, I interview Rob Bell about his newest book, "Where'd You Park Your Spaceship." We talk about psychoanalysis, dreams, talking to people who work in stores, surfing, and lots of other stuff too.

The RobCast (Rob Bell's podcast)
Peter Rollins
Helene Voglesinger
The Outlaws (Amazon Prime video)
Tao te Ching
Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (Netflix)
Station 11 (Max) 

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