It is the performance inside the legal procedure that might be more important than the legal procedure...

In an article in The Atlantic David Frum shares some well articulated insights about some of the things playing out around the Jany6’th commission.

Comparing what Bannon is doing the what the Chicago 7 did in their trial after the 1968 DNC.

According to Frum:

[In both cases] The prosecution thought it was running a trial, a legal proceeding governed by rules. The defendants decided that they would instead mount a new kind of media spectacle intended to show total contempt for the rules, and to propagandize the viewing public into sharing their contempt. The prosecution was doing law; the defense countered with politics.

This is an important observation!

Near the end of the article there is another great point.

The fight to uphold law cannot be won by law itself, because the value of law in the face of violence is the very thing that’s being contested.

Well said.

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