Life on Mars & phones

From this week’s post on the blog Walk Notes:

I’m not sure there’s a more melancholy tune in the world than Life On Mars played by a local band in a church hall while a tea urn boils in the background.

This is one of those observations of the quotidian that is very common in this blog.

Here is another one from the same post. It’s something the author of the blog noticed while riding a bus.

At Liverpool Street we stop at the lights and I look at the cluster of people waiting to cross. Four people are on their phones, one talking, one typing, one reading and one using their phone as a mirror.

One more.

It rained on the way home. I always walk to the end of the platform at London Bridge, and from there you can look down the track to a sea of red lights in the dark. Tonight they all reflect against the slick wet rails, and it’s the colour of dark red garnets.

I love this stuff!

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