Quotidian Things & Stuff 003 | Liminality

Writing about things that he would like to have more of in 2024, Marc Wiedenbaum of Disquiet named “liminality.

Transition time — bus rides, long lunches, and liminality in general have long since declined in my life, and I need to bring back that attenuated interstitial aspect of existence. Midday walks are an attempt — a step forward, as it were. As is not keeping email open all the time during daylight hours.

Two things:

  1. In general, I think that having more time/space between things is a good idea. I say this is somebody who is not unfamiliar with being scheduled back-to-back several days in a row. When there is space in between things, I think I do much better work.
  2. The second thing has to do with psychoanalysis in particular, back in the “before times,” when screen, mediated therapy was this thing that only existed in the future, this kind of liminal “interstitial space” always existed before analysand would come to a session. Today, when all the person needs to do to get to their session is open their laptop, this transitional space is missing…

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