Money and Sports

The following is something I started to write some time back, and it has been sitting in my drafts folder. While the info in this might be slightly out of date now, I'm sure it is not too far off. Having said that...

From the Axios AM email newsletter:

Even after all these years of seeing this sort of thing, it still shocks me.

It also makes me wish we valued other things enough to spend $180 on them. What would happen if we spend $180m on trying to get rid of poverty conditions? Or on improving the health care systems? Or the electric grid?

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point.

(Stepping down from my sanctimonious soapbox.)

Ezra Klein talks about this rather regularly on his podcast. What would happen if teachers, or social workers who work with addicts, were paid something like 100k per year? Or, as he often puts it, what if we valued the work teachers social workers do enough to pay teachers 100k per year?

Rather than having that be a simple rhetorical question, I think it is actually an interesting thought experiment.

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