Newsletter v.3.14 | Fall is coming!

Newsletter v.3.14 | Fall is coming!
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Welcome to newsletter, the weekly roundup of things and stuff that I’ve been working on here at [S][J][P].

The fall semester is approaching fast! I’m in major hustle mode trying to get ready, and that leaves me little time to write this, so it will be a short edition of the newsletter, which focuses on writing and podcasting work.

(Since I started doing daily posts M-Th, I kind of feel like the Friday Newsletter has lost its mojo, like it can’t find its vibe like it has no voice. I’m going to think about that and what it means. But, for now, here’s your weekly dose of what I’ve been making.)

Help me out

Before I get into the update, I’m hoping those of you who read these words I send you way would take a few minutes and complete this survey thing, which I hope will help me make [S][J][P] emails/posts into something you enjoy.


Here is a breakdown of the writing output for this week.

  • I re-did the landing page for members of [S][J][P]. In addition to being the “thanks for becoming a member” page, it has also become an index of links to the different sections of [S][J][P]. (If you have not looked at this page for a while, you might want to check it out. )
  • Sent out Drafts №7 and №8, which focus on my reading of Žižek’s work.
  • I’ve been making lots of small additions to my open notebook. Most of the additions had to do with Living in the Jackpot or China.


It was a big podcast production week for me. I recorded, mixed, edited, and released three lectures for the class I’ll be teaching in the fall.

  • Lecture 3 an intro to the drive
  • Lecture 4 on transference
  • Lecture 5 on the shift from Freud’s topographical model of the mind to the structural model.

I also recorded InForm 050 with Jared. I’ll be mixing, editing, and releasing that next week. I talk about [S][J][P] and the membership program in the last section of InFrom 050, and I’m hoping that might get some more folks to become members of this little community.

Episode 051 of InForm will be a cross-posting of one of the lectures.


That’s it for this week. Till Monday, damn the demand! Save the desire! Make glorious mistakes!

See you next week.


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