Newsletter v.3.13 | A Roundup of This Week's Output

Newsletter v.3.13 | A Roundup of This Week's Output
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Hi there,

I'm Neil, and this is my weekly roundup newsletter. This is one of those weeks where time is going by so fast! Be that as it may, I'm working to keep writing these things M-F on the regular.

Let's do a recap of this week, where time was moving at double time.



As I write these words, there are two episodes of the podcast lectures I've made available to you all (the people who are subscribed to this email list). I'm currently working on getting the third one done. (The third one is about The Drive.)

So far, the download numbers are low, and I'm wondering if that is because people are overloaded with podcasts or if most of you are just not that interested.

(Honestly, the stuff in these podcast lectures is some super basic psychoanalytic theory. My guess is that most of you here already know it, so I can certainly understand you not being interested in beginner-level stuff.)

Either way, I'm going to keep making the podcast lectures as a teaching tool, and I'll continue to make them available to [S][J][P] members. (Here is the RSS feed you can use to subscribe to it.)


This week all of the Drafts I sent out were me exploring how I might stand in opposition to the worst that humans can do to themselves, others, and the environment that sustains us while living in The Jackpot. Doing this has been interesting for me because it has made me actually write down my thoughts regularly, and doing this has helped me come to a better understanding of what I think.

I got more people emailing me as a result of these posts than I did in any other week, so perhaps this is something that some of you are interested in as well.

(If you want to share your thoughts with me about what I write here, please, don't hesitate to email me.)  

The Future:

I plan to keep doing the M-F email thing till 8/13. (Ha, that is Friday the 13'th!)

At that point, I'll be about to start the fall semester, and I'll need to focus my time and energy on teaching. However, I've got a plan cooking in my head now for another "season" of frequent emails. I'll probably say more about that a little before this season ends on 8/13.

All of you:

As I'm writing this roundup, it occurs to me that I've never talked about the size of this email list: As of now, there are around 60 of you, and little more than half of you open these emails on the regular. This is not a big community, and I want to thank all of you who take the time to be a part of it by reading what I write (or listening to the podcasts I make).

Thanks for being generous with your time and your attention.


Till next week: Make glorious mistakes!


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