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Hello from the American Midwest.

Let's start this one off with a sickness update. I'm in good cardiovascular shape. My resting heart rate is often under 50 (the range is 48-52). However, I just took a reading at I'm at 61. I say this because when I'm sick, my resting heart rate goes up, and how much it goes up indicates how hard my body is working to do the normal everyday kinds of things and stuff. For instance, I'm just sitting in a chair reading. That should not elevate my heart rate to 61, but that's where it is. I'm also having a difficult time concentrating on stuff and remembering things. There have been several times when I've walked into a room and thought, "I know I came in here for a reason... I knew what that reason was five seconds ago... but now I've lost it."

My fever reached 101.2 while I was taking Tylenol, which reduces fevers.

I've lost a few pounds.

This is because an ancient demon intent on destroying the human spices by downing them in disgusting mucus has taken up residence in my sinuses. The doctors call it a sinus infection, and they have provided me with antibiotics to help me fight it off.

How are you?



I've got an interview set to be recorded this coming Tuesday. I'm not sure how recovered I'll be by then, but I hope I can do it. It will be the third part of the series on the text Psychoanalytic Politics by Sherry Turkle that I've been recording with the folks from The Regrettable Century. This one will cover chapter two of that text.

I'm also planning to have Michael McAndrews back soon to talk about the Lacanian concept of the psychoanalytic school. I think this will be an enjoyable conversation because the psychoanalytic school is an institution that does not function like any other educational institution. It does not give out degrees certifications. Instead, it is like an ancient Greek school (e.g., the Academy, the Garden, or the Lyceum), people became members of the school by becoming part of the life of the school, by showing up and trying to learn while also working to maintain the infrastructure/community of the school. It's a super cool idea.

Short version: Universities give grades, degrees, certification authorization, etc. Additionally, universities are usually financially supported by the state or other wealthy patrons. As a result, the universities often function as research institutions that often support the state's agenda via their research or as the handmaidens of wealthy titans of industry.

The school (in the ancient Greek/psychoanalytic sense of the term) provides a technology for community and learning that can be achieved if one tries to learn 100% on their own. The school's goal is to gather people who have a desire to learn and see what happens when they try to put that desire into action.

I could go on about this, but I think it would be better just to make the podcast with Michael.


With being as sick as I am, the minimal amount of time/energy I have has gone towards grading things that need to be graded by the end of the term.

I'd love to be writing more, but the necessary resources are not there now.

When I recover, I've got ideas that I'll try to put into writing.

Even my daily posting to the [S][J][P] site has stopped. (Mostly because I'm trying to sleep when I'm not grading, so no reading.) Regular posting will resume ASAP.


I'm building a small community of people here who support me in making the different things I make. If you could, it would be greatly appreciated if you were to become a SUPPORTING Member of [S][J][P]!


Ok. I'm going to send this.

Till next time, please, be serious about being playful, and make glorious mistakes.


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