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In the early days of 2024, I felt nostalgic.

The feeling had started a few weeks earlier when I was listening to some podcasts and reading some RSS feeds. I was finding myself unsubscribing from several podcasts/blogs that I had tried out but not liking enough to keep trying to continue giving them my limited time and attention.

I started to compare what I was letting go of (i.e., unsubscribing from) to what I was going to keep listening to I found that the stuff that I was going to keep giving my eyes and ears to were things that felt more similar to the way blogs and podcasts felt in the early part of this century, which was almost 25 years ago.

What I remembered was the intense feeling of genuineness and authenticity, mixed with a trying-things-out-to-see-what-happens vibe, that I think was very present from about 2000-2010.

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