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It is Friday, the day of the week when I send out a list of things that I think might bring you some surplus jouissance if you give them a try.

This week, I tried a new format of posting on [S][J][P]. Each day I'd write a short description of what I was up to, and then what was top of mind for me that day. The last part of each of these posts what whatever I was listening to or reading that day, and today's ⌾ Recommendations, is a list of those things.

|M| LISTENING (Album) The Waiting Room (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp) by Lusine. Track #8 By the Sound has been the most listened to track.

|T| LISTENING (Podcast) – In the car this morning, I listened to The Ezra Klein Show titled How Should I Be Using A.I. Right Now? (Apple Podcasts, NYTimes).

|W| WATCHING (Interview) CM Punk is a wrestler whose work I admire a lot. He did a long interview with Ariel Helwani's podcast/YouTube channel that discussed lots of things happening in professional wrestling today.

|Th| WATCHING (Film)—I watched the film Showing Up by Kelly Richardt. I really like this kind of film because it is very true to lived experience. It is dramatic without being over-the-top dramatic, like so many big blockbuster films and TV shows.

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