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It is Friday, the day when I send out an email of a few things I think people would like to give their attention to over the weekend.

  1. READING/LOOKING (blog): I found the blog workspaces.xzy, which has up to 398 posts on how different people have set up their workspaces. It mainly focuses on desk setups, but some posts extend into the office setup. Some of the setups are very minimal, and others are very elaborate. I find this fascinating! I don't know why it fascinates me as much as it does...
  2. READING (book): I'm well into a deep dive into the work of Anne Carson. (Anyone who has been following along on the [S][J][P] site knows this.) There have been several times where I have referenced her book Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides (Amazon). I'm almost done with the first play Herakles (more commonly spelled as Hercules). There is a lot of white space on these pages, and I could have read it quickly, but the story was too sad. Reading this has made me really want to see Euripides' plays performed someday.
  3. LISTENING (music): I've been listening to lots of Camilla Sparksss (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp). If you're someone (like me!) who went to lots of goth/industrial nights at dance clubs, this might be something you'll dig.
  4. WATCHING (Patti Smith): I posted about Patti Smith's substack, where she shares these videos that bring lots of joy into my life whenever I watch one. The post also mentions her book M-Train (Amazon), which remains one of my favorite books of all time.
  5. APPS (to play around with): I just started messing with the Capacities app, which is an app for organizing ideas/projects. I can't tell if I will keep using it, but I think it has some potential, and messing around with it has been fun.

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