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Hello there,

I was trying to get my middle kid to nap because he was super tired, and I'm 100% positive he would have benefitted from a nap. The child disagreed with this and kept himself awake by singing jingle bells at high volume.

"You're not going to sleep, are you?" I asked.

"No," he replied.

"Why not?" I asked, thinking that perhaps he would give me some sort of a reason.

"Because I'm a weird guy." He told me.

He then resumed the jingle bells cranked all the way to 11.

It was a long day after that, but I just got him to sleep, and am wrapping up my day by putting the finishing touches on this here newsletter.

How are you?

Here are some of the things that I've got going on:

Clinical Practice:

The very snowy and then freezing weather had a fairly noticeable impact on my clinical practice: lots of people could not come in person, and people with young kids could not come at all (not in person or via telehealth) because schools were closed and they needed to actively parent their kids during the day-time hours when they are normally free to do a session. Part of being in private practice is anticipating the seasonal difficulties that will impact the number of people you can see and the amount of revenue you can generate. Generally, I will assume the worst things will happen and budget based on that assumption. This leads to me not expecting money to be there when it won't be, and it also often leads to my practice "overperforming" (i.e., beating the expectations), which is nice.

Overall, I think --provided we don't have more weeks of horrendous weather– January will be a good month.

I've still got a few open spots for people who are interested in trying out psychoanalysis.


I created a [S][J][P] channel on Apple Podcasts, where you can find all of my podcasts. Along with that, this week, there are updates on two of the podcasts I make

Quotdian Things & Stuff:

I updated the audio page of [S][J][P] this week. It now lists all of my podcasts. The most recent addition is:

Quotidian Things & Stuff | This podcast is an attempt to re-find / re-create some of the joy that I experienced in the early days of podcasting (around 2005-2010), a time when new technology (iPods and RSS feeds) put something that had only been available to radio stations in the hands of everyone. Those early days were filled with people making a style of podcasts where they shared their interests and (often) the quotidian aspects of their lives in ways that I found completely captivating. I don't know if I can make it happen again, but I'm going to try.

I've now made seven episodes of Quotidian things and stuff.

Making this podcast has been lots of fun for me. I don't know how much it will (or won't) appeal to anyone else. The download numbers for this one are meager, but it is also very new. I started submitting it to podcast directories earlier this week, and I think it will be listed in all of them by the time this newsletter comes out. I'd be grateful if you gave it a shot.

You can listen or subscribe to QTS on:

(Sidenote: I think episode 007 turned out well. I feel like I'm starting to find a groove with how I want to do this, and how I want it to sound.)


Inform:Podcast has an interview with Isolda Alverez lined up; we will discuss the difference between Freud's and today's clinics. This is something I'm looking forward to recording! Another two interviews are still in the planning phase—more on those later.

I re-released an old interview I did in 2020 with Jason from the Regrettable Century. This interview was done for a different podcast that I made called From78, which was a different kind of interview show than InForm:Podcast. I'm releasing it because, out of all the interviews I've ever done, it's one of my favorites. If you give it a listen, I hope you enjoy it as well.

[S][J][P] Update:

I did a few site updates this last week:


As always, your attention and support for my work are greatly appreciated!


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