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Well hi there,

It has been a very busy week for me. Lots got done.

At one point in the middle of the week, I randomly started to think about this scene from my favorite TV show of all time: Twin Peaks.

Watching this now makes me think that David Lynch knows something about how to link up the real body and dream work.

How are you?

Here are some things I've been up to.

Clinical Research & Transmission of Psychoanalysis:

I spent the time making revisions and re-submitting the case, which I hope to present at the Clinical Study Days in April. As is often the case for me, editing/revising takes a lot of time. This time, it did not take as much time as the original write-up, but it took a long time. Part of the reason it took a long time to write the original case was because I was limited to 9000 characters with spaces. This means I need to spend a lot of time thinking about what case details are relevant enough to include and then write them in a way that conveys what I want to convey without wasting any characters/words.

Editing meant reorganizing the case a bit, which was not very difficult. However, it also involved removing some stuff and replacing it with other things while remaining within the 9k character limit. So, the editing/revising was more of a re-write. I'm glad I did it, and I'm happy it is done.

The theme of this edition of the newsletter is time and how valuable time is.



I also edited/mixed an episode of InForm:Podcast, which featured an interview with Isolda Alverez about how the clinic has changed since Freud, through Lacan, and into the present.

When it comes to podcasting, editing/mixing takes way longer than recording the interview! Way way longer!

Qutodian Things & Stuff:

Editing InForm:Podcast took up all the time I had to make stuff, so I've only recorded two episode of QTS. I'm hoping to make more of that podcast soon.

Right Now:

I've got the interview I did with Peter Rollins ready to be edited/mixed. Going into this week, what gets made will depend on my mood. If I'm in more of a talking/making mood, I'll make more QTS. If I'm in more of an editing/mixing mood, I'll try to get through the Rollins interview.

The amount of time/energy that would go into editing/mixing the Rollins interview is probably the same amount of time/energy that would go into making five episodes of QTS.

The Business:

January 2024 was the best financial month I've ever had as a solo psychoanalyst/psychotherapist. It was also the month where I had more sessions than any other month. This is great, but I want/need to keep growing this if I want to be able to regain the income I lost when I stopped being a professor. Growing this practice is a long game that will (hopefully) involve small growth in clinical workload. If things pan out the way I plan, my practice will keep growing without overwhelming me.

Doing clinical work is obviously something that takes time and energy. I'm also someone who likes to take time to get into and out of analyst mode, so that transition also takes time.

[S][J][P] Update:

This is the fifth week in a row the newsletter has gone out, and I've been able to keep up with daily posting to the main [S][J][P] site. Here are two posts from the last week that I think would give someone reading this a good idea of the direction I've been thinking in.

If you are interested in this kind of thing, check the main [S][J][P] site regularly or subscribe to its RSS feed.


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Till next time, take care, don't let the man keep you down, damn that demand but save that desire, and, please, please, please, make some glorious mistakes.


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