Text Based Productions:

Below is a list of things I make in text format. This includes my regular newsletter, open notebooks (blogs), and pop-up sorts of email newsletters.

  • AM⌭PM - Written during the week. I tend to write mainly in the morning, and sometimes I add things during the day, then edit in the evening. The result is a daily sort of blog post kind of thing.
  • ◎ Drafts - Writing where I was trying to figure out what I thought about many different things. These are micro-essays, which might grow into regular essays someday.
  • ⚯ Reading Notes - Notes I take as I read. They are written for me, so they might not make sense to anyone else, but you never know.
  • ◉ Newsletter - An archive of all the stuff I've posted and sent out as email newsletters.
  • Journal - Sundry personal things and stuff on my mind. Many of the items from other experiments also get cross-posted here.
  • Open Notebook - I clip stuff from other places (articles, books, podcasts, film, etc.) and post here, so I don't forget it.

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