The “perfect” app for notes

Writing in his Cartoon Gravity blog, Julian Simpson notices:

As I plunge into yet another notes app (UpNotethis time, which is excellent), I am hit with the sudden realisation that this is the purest of pure procrastination. 
When I have an idea that actually needs to be noted down, I will grab whatever is to hand - a scrap of paper, a notebook, an app, whatever - and I will make the note. But when I lack for ideas, I find myself questing for the app that will do the perfect job of recording my non-existent notion, and will then link it to other non-existing notions in a way that I imagine will make my life better when, or if, I ever have another idea in my head.

This strikes me as a good idea of how surplus jouissance can mess with our lives if we are not careful.

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