The Quotidian Associations №004 | Reply to a Cliché

The Quotidian Associations №004 | Reply to a Cliché
Photo by Valeriya Soskovets / Unsplash

When someone says, "The truth will set you free."

I say, "Yeah, but only after it has its way with you."


Perhaps the truth is another way of signifying the real.

We don't know what the real wants. We don't know what it will do when it has its way with us.

An encounter with the real (with the real) changes us, and it changes our body, our actual body. It makes us aware that our body is mortal and that there is so much about what happens within and outside of our body that is contingent. The real truth is that we don't know the world or ourselves, and we don't control the world or ourselves. Sure, we can influence things. But influence is not control. It's not even close.

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