The Quotidian Associations №007 | Writing Things

The Quotidian Associations №007 | Writing Things
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

I'm thinking about the text (book?) I want to write. I think about this often. The problem is that the imagined vision of the finished text keeps changing. Be that as is it may, I keep returning to a particular desire: I want to write a text that could teach people about psychoanalysis by moving through developments within the psychoanalytic clinic chronologically. The text would move from the clinical work of Freud, move to the first clinic of Lacan, and conclude in the clinic of the "last Lacan" and the continued work of Miller (i.e, the Borromean clinic).


There are lots of things that get in the way of writing. The main thing is that I keep reading what I write and thinking that it is not good enough. (Good enough for what? I don't know.)

What I write could always be better, could be improved, could be edited.  

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