This week on [S][J][P] | Ex-sist

This week, I will be focusing on a text by J.A. Miller titled Ex-sist, which appeared in The Lacanian Review Issue #7 Get Real. There are many different themes in this text, as is usually the case in anything by Lacan or Miller, and I'd like to work through them in a series of short posts.

Here is a  list of themes I plan to focus on.

  • The role of knowledge and truth in psychoanalysis
  • Knowing how to do analytic stuff (technique) v. Being an analyst
  • Some differences between the IPA and the WAP styles of analytic formation
  • The phases of analysis (preliminary interviews, the start of an analysis that lasts, and then the end of analysis).
  • The function of the pass / the end of analysis
  • Psychoanalysis & Science

I italicized the word plan above this bulleted list because this list might change as I work through the content.

Why I'm doing this:

I'm trying to work through this text to make sense of it. I find that doing this here on [S][J][P] is a forcing function. It forces me to work through the ideas slowly and discretely. Working through the ideas in this way adds a sort of rigor to my reading. I hope that sharing this with whoever reads this will be helpful to them.

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