AM⌭PM | 005

AM⌭PM | 005
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Today's AM/PM is a cross post of the first edition of Is that Poop On Your Shirt (ITPOYS), another email newsletter I'm going to put out for 12 issues. I've never written anything like this before, so I'm not sure if anyone will like it or not. However, I hope that you like it.

Thanks for indulging me.

Not that long ago

I was eating a bagel at the kitchen island while talking with my partner about what I had done that day. At some point, my partner looked at me and squinted. Then, with total seriousness, in the same matter-of-fact kind of way that she asks the smart speakers about the weather, my partner asked, "Is that poop on your shirt?"

I looked down at my shirt and saw what she was looking at. When I saw it, I was not sure if it was poop or something else.

"It might be some old dried up… avocado… maybe…" I replied.

She looked at it for a few seconds, considered the visual evidence, then said, "I think it's poop. You should smell it."

I looked back at her, considered what she had just said, "Why don't you want to smell it?"

"It's your shirt."

I could have just changed my shirt, left the substance a mystery. But, because I like to know things, I smelled it. It was totally poop.

I looked at my partner and said, "I can't tell."

She smiled and said, "I told you it was poop."

Becoming a parent changes you

Everyone I know who has become a parent will say that becoming a parent changes you, and they are right. Being a parent has changed me more than anything else ever has.

Before I was a parent, someone asking me if I had poop on my shirt would have been some cause for concern.

"What?! Poop?! My shirt?! Are you seriously asking me that?!" I would have been replied with a mixture of disbelief and panic. After becoming a parent, poop on my shirt is something that happened last week on Tuesday.

Ergo, I thought I'd write a newsletter about how becoming a parent has changed me

The newsletter's goal is to write about how becoming a parent has changed me with humor and sincerity. I hope the result is something that is funny, but not snarky, without being sanctimonious.

I hope you'll subscribe & enjoy reading.

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