This morning, I read the following I. Warren Ellis’s Orbital Operations email newsletter.

I keep getting newsflashes from newspapers on my phone telling me that Twitter's on fire and Meta has fucked itself and in my RSS feed I'm seeing more "this is the end of the era of social media" hot takes.  I mean, I have strong doubts about all of that - and for "strong" read "I thought about it for fifteen seconds and then put some music on and opened a script" — but, hell, click before it costs you $8 or your virtual legs or whatever.

The only reasons I’m posting this are:

  1. It’s a succinct description of the state of social media nowadays.
  2. It made me laugh.
  3. It’s a perfect fit for my “Living in the Jackpot” notebook here in [S][J][P].

Like Ellis, I’ve thought about this for a few seconds, and I do t think this the end of social media. But I do think that it is private one sort of important moment for social media. It’s the moment lots is stuff breaks. How the big shots with power respond to this breaking will have effects.

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