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I'm trying to send a short mid-week newsletter where I list off (and, if possible, link to) different things I think are interesting.



This morning I listened to this wonderful interview the LARB did with the psychoanalyst Jamison Webster on her new book Disorganization & Sex.

I've read some of the essays in the book and one of Webster's other books. (I read it a long time ago... and I remember enjoying reading git... though right this moment, I don't remember what I liked about it.)

Webster is a parent, a teacher, a practicing analyst, and an author of several books, so it is safe to say she is busy. The interviewer asked Webster how she gets as much done as she does, and Webster talked about working with her "bursts of desire" rather than adopting some productivity regime. Being a busy person (but far less successful and productive than Webster), I thought there might be a lesson in this for comment that I could apply to my own life.


I've been watching the very long film An Elephant Sitting Still. The film is beautiful.

Because the film is so long, I've had to watch it in different settings. After each bit I've watched, the images of the film have kind of haunted me.


Still working my way through Thoma Pynchon's Mason & Dixon. This one is going to be a slow burn.

The two main characters are in America, creating the famous Mason Dixon Line. Pynchon explores the undercurrents of violence and exploitation that have shaped America's formation.


That's it for this one. Hope people found something interesting and/or useful here.


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