[S][J][P] Announcement | Here We Go...

[S][J][P] Announcement | Here We Go...
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If you're reading this right now, you have a FREE membership to [S][J][P].

Today, with lots of trepidation, I'm launching a paid membership program. (I'm seriously worried that people will read this, and zero people will sign up. Be that as it may, I'm going to give it a try.)


Why am I doing this?

It is simple: I really like making the things I make (this site, newsletters, podcasts, groups that read Lacan, and so on). However, one of the main reasons I can't make more things is that I'm very busy trying to make money by selling my time + labor power. If people are willing to support the production of what I make, I think I'll be able to make more stuff.

If I don't get support in the form of paying members, I'll still make stuff. (Because I like making stuff.) But if people become paying members, I think I'll be able to make more.

Let's talk about how the memberships will work.  

There will be three levels of membership.

  • FREE membership is open to everyone and costs nothing.
  • A/V Club Memberships, which costs $5.00 a month or $50.00 a year.
  • SUPPORTING Memberships, where people pay either $10.00 a month or $100.00 per year to support the continued production of the things I make.  

I've molded this membership program after two things.

  1. The NPR model of being a member of your local station. Even if you're not a member, you still have access to the content that NPR station produces. The people who become members do so because they want to support the production of content they value. (i.e., They could listen to NPR for free, but they realize that it costs time and money to produce what they listen to. Ergo, they support what they value by voluntarily giving money that can be used to create it.)
  2.  Craig Mod's Special Projects Membership Program. I think Craig's pricing style makes sense, and his way of using his membership program to give him the money he can use to do projects that everyone can see makes sense. In addition to that, the extras that Craig gives his members are really interesting to me.  


What extras do supporting members of [S][J][P] get?  

A/V Club Members get an RSS feed to a podcast called Super InFormal, which is a podcast I do only for people who are supporting members of [S][J][P].

To be clear: it is SUPER informal! The stuff I put there is unedited interviews that show up as edited interviews on other podcasts I produce, audio experiments, things I record while walking and thinking about things and stuff. It might be your kind of thing, and it might not be, but only members have access to it.  

SUPPORTING Members get the stuff FREE Members and A/V Club Members get and...

  • Another email newsletter that is more personal than the open to everyone email newsletter.
  • Access to my ⚯ Reading Notes (the notes I take when reading a text.) I've made the first few editions of ⚯ Reading Notes are available to FREE members so they can see/experience one of the benefits of becoming a member, but most future editions of reading notes will be for SUPPORTING members only.

Things I might do for SUPPORTING Members in the future are

  1. Live streams of me working on stuff. (I don't know if people would want to see this, but sometimes people seem to be interested in my "process," and this would be a way to show that process.  
  2. A somewhat regular (I'm thinking quarterly) Zoom meeting as a kind of "office hours" where I'll talk and answer questions in real-time.
  3. Contests where people can win things & stuff.
  4. Drafts & Proofs – Show people early drafts of things I'm working on for publication.
  5. I plan to start making and then selling courses. SUPPORTING members will be able to sign up first and at a discount.

If you think other things would make being a SUPPORTING member more worthwhile, please let me know!  


Ok, that is it... I'm going to send this out and then be very anxious.

Till later: make glorious mistakes!


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