◉ Newsletter v.4.5 | Civilization, the State, & Psychoanalysis

◉ Newsletter v.4.5 | Civilization, the State, & Psychoanalysis
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Hello again from the American Midwest

I usually start writing this newsletter early in the week and then adding to it bit by bit as the week goes on. This week was jam-packed, and what little downtime I had needed to be downtime (i.e., I needed to not be productive).

So, here I am on this rainy Saturday writing this up.

How are you?



I'm going to record the InForm: Podcast interview with Ryan Engly on Tuesday of this coming week. I plan to have enough of my other responsibilities met so I can edit, mix, and release this ASAP. Ryan has been on InFrom one time before.

Announcement: I will be taking the first season of InForm: Podcast (episodes 1-22) off the general internet soon. The episodes in that season will still exist, but they will be behind a paywall. I'm telling you this now in case anyone who is an active reader of this newsletter wants to give them a listen before they get a little more challenging to access.


I'm still developing my course. I need to figure out when (what day/time) I'm going to teach it, which is more complicated than it sounds. It's difficult because people have many responsibilities (jobs, families, formal school/coursework, etc.), and it is tough to find a day/time that would work well for multiple people. Additionally, people are spread across several timezones. Ugh.

I fear that I'll put in the work, and people will not be able to make the day/time work. Be that as it may, I'm going to do this! Please stay subscribed and reading for more info.


In the last newsletter, I wrote about an idea I've been thinking a lot about the connection that exists (or perhaps does not exist) between psychoanalysis and the state. I did some work on that (not as much as I wanted) over the week, and a strange thing happened.

As I was outlining, I had this idea of weaving in something that would demonstrate how things can go wrong when the state gets overly bureaucratic. The reason for this would be to (eventually) explain why psychoanalysis does better as a practice that is not regulated by the state.

The example I thought I'd use is something I remember well: The challenger disaster of 1986. Here is a bit of what I wrote.

On Tuesday, January 28th, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger lifted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. At the time of this liftoff, the Challenger had gone into space and returned home safely nine times. This voyage on 1/28/86 would have been the tenth time the Challenger was going to escape Earth's gravity and go into the dark of space. There were seven astronauts on board, and the plan was for this crew to put a communications satellite in orbit and then take a good look at Halley's Comet.

None of those things happened because seventy-three seconds after the Challenger took off, something went wrong. There was an explosion. The Challenger disintegrated, and everyone on board died.

I was seen years old on January 28th, 1986. (A few months away from being eight.)

More to come, but this gives you an idea of the writing style. I'd like to write the whole text in short, clear sentences.  


Okay, I still have a lot to get to before the day-star sets and darkness reigns.

Till next time, please make some glorious mistakes!


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