InForm | Reading & Watching things with a Psychoanalytic Lens, with Jared Elwart

I drop the F-bomb in this episode, and we talk about sex. There is an explicit tag for a reason!

In this episode of the InForm Podcast, I talk with Jared Elwart about how reading science fiction makes him think about psychoanalysis and how thinking about psychoanalysis influences how he reads Science Fiction.

We discuss two books and one film.

  1. The book The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin (We also reference The Dispossessed and The Lethe of Heaven)
  2. The book Axiom's End by Lindsay Ellis
  3. The film Everything Everywhere All At Once

We also mention:

Jared and I have a free-flowing conversation about how these three works might intersect with each of our thinking in and through psychoanalysis.

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