Psychoanalysis v. Other forms of Mental Health Treatment

From On the Aim and End of Analysis in the Lacanian School by Raul Moncayo. Writing about how people will often point to accounts of people who say psychoanalysis did nothing for them except cost them lots of time and money.  

What is often overlooked is that there are plenty examples of failed treatments in other psychiatric treatment modalities. Experienced clinicians know that medications are never as effective as reported in empirical or controlled statistical studies. Symptoms of depression and anxiety persist despite years of anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications, not to mention the case of antipsychotic medications. Medications are less expensive but not necessarily more effective than psychoanalysis. The same can be said of behavioral treatments.

This comes up often when I teach about psychoanalysis. Many students talk about how "ineffective" it is. My question is, what do you know about the "effectiveness" of any other modality?

The point here is not to put other therapies down. The point is to get the student to consider, as Moncayo points out, that all methods of therapeutic intervention produce those who find them helpful and those who find them useless.

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