Living in the Jackpot

The Skimm daily news digest has had some serious Jackpot vibes going on as of late. Here is one of the more sinister Jackpot-ish things from today:

What's giving us 'Big Brother' vibes…
Pegasus: Dozens of governments reportedly use the Israeli military-grade spyware to track terrorists and criminals. But a recent media investigation found that it was used to hack smartphones belonging to politicians, reporters, human rights activists, and Arab royal family members. As well as two women that were close to murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Pegasus can bypass iPhone and Android security, steal passwords, photos, recordings, data, and activate the microphone. It's unclear who ordered the hacks, or why. The firm denied what it called "uncorroborated theories" including that its tech was used against Khashoggi. But it said it would look into it.

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