Newsletter v.3.12 | Some "Members Only" Stuff

Newsletter v.3.12 | Some "Members Only" Stuff
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OMG! So much stuff I need to get done this week! Be that as it may, I want to send the end-of-the-week newsletter to you all. Due to the massive time crunch that I'm operating under, this will be a rather short update of things and stuff.


I'm guessing you've all noticed that I'm writing a lot more stuff and sending it to you during the past two weeks. What I've been doing is an experiment. At first, I just wanted to write something every day to build up a daily writing practice. However, over time I noticed a few things.

  • I was writing about what was "top of mind" for me that day. Generally, that has been stuff about psychosis and psychoanalysis. The titles of those posts appear in bars | Like This |. I was collecting them under the tag journal, but that was a bad tag for those posts. I've moved them to a Top of Mind tag.
  • Then I started to share super rough drafts (and boy are they rough drafts!) of a text I'd like to write that I would use in classes I teach. The titles of those posts looked like this ◉ Drafts №1 | Title. These are grouped under the Drafts tag.

I still feel like I'm figuring out what I want to use a short daily writing practice to accomplish. Do I want to use it to capture what is top of my mind that day? Do I want to slowly build up rough drafts that I'll later refine into something I might attempt to publish? Both? I'm leaning more towards the latter now, but I'm not sure if that is where I'll stay.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, answers, criticism, suggestions, or just thoughts you want to send regarding this writing: Send them here.

Also, I want to remind you all:

  • The stuff I'm sending you is in your inbox and on the [S][J][P] site, but ONLY MEMBERS (people who have subscribed to the newsletter) can see it. It is not on the open web.


I'm gearing up for the start of the fall semester, which will be getting going the week of 8/23. This means recording podcast lectures.

In the past, I've only made the podcast lectures available to students, but, starting this semester, I'm going to be making them available to members here as well. You should see ways to listen to them appearing in your inboxes soonish.

Unforchinatly this means my production of InForm is going to slow down a bit.


I'm also going to try making videos. I've avoided doing that because it seems like it would be hard, but now I want to figure it out. Ergo, you might get access to some videos I use for teaching as well.


That's all I got time for this week.

Till next time: Please, make glorious mistakes!


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