Spotify Hits Back at Apple's Podcast Subscription Stuff

Spotify Hits Back at Apple's Podcast Subscription Stuff

From BGR.  

Apple made waves last week during its Spring Loaded event by introducing paid subscriptions for its Apple Podcasts app. As of May, podcasters will be able to offer premium subscriptions to their listeners which can include a number of benefits, from ad-free listening to bonus content to early access for new episodes. Days later, a report claimed Spotify would unveil its own rival platform soon, and on Tuesday, Spotify made its announcement.
Starting today in the United States, Spotify will allow podcasters on its platform to charge listeners for content. With Spotify’s Anchor app, podcasters will be able to mark specific episodes as subscriber-only before publishing them to Spotify and other services. For the next two years, podcasters will receive 100% of the revenue they make from paid subscriptions, in stark contrast to Apple, which takes a 30% cut in the first year and 15% thereafter.

It is worth pointing out: That to opt into Spotify's paid subscriptions you'll need to be using as your host.

When I started to podcast a lot in 2018 I took a look at, and seriously considered using it. I decided against it and opted to use, which is a service I'd encourage anyone interested in podcasting to take a look at.

I've not lookt at in many years, but from what I remember I perfered the level of control that Transistor gave me. Yes, is a service I pay for, and is free. But, perhaps, there cold be something to the idea that "You get what you pay for."

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