[Suggestion] Walk Notes

I recently found the Walk Notes (RSS) blog via the People & Blogs interview with Phil Gyford. I've been reading the posts between various other things I'm doing, and I really like them!

From the Walk Notes About page:

These are my notes from each week. I live in South London (UK) and work closer in to central London. In 2022, I decided to write and publish weeknotes. Here’s the first one. Originally, I published them on Tumblr. When I got to the end of the year, I decided to stop writing. I thought I’d be glad to get the time back – y’know not to feel the obligation to write every week. But actually, it turns out I missed the whole process. Usually I write these notes in my head while I walk, and when I wasn’t publishing them any more, it felt like I was walking on my own. Turns out I missed the company.

What do I like about Walk Notes?

I'm glad you asked. I like how they are a great example of someone taking their quotidian life and making it into something.

In addition, the blog gives me the same vibe I got from blogs during the early days of blogging.

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