⌾ Recommendations | 4 Things


I’m trying something new — Sending out a short list of interesting things as we go into the weekend.

Three things that are cool

  1. LISTENING: This episode ofThe Robcast titled My Leaf blower has a Turbo Button is wonderful! If you like it, you would also probably like the interview I did with Rob on InForm:Podcast.
  2. READING: I just discovered the blog Walk Notes this week, and I’ve enjoyed reading it so much. A great example of quotidian rendered as beautiful.
  3. WATCHING: the videos that writer/musician/artist/national treasure Patti Smith posts on her Substack are great. I seriously love watching them. Sometimes, I watch them multiple times because they are just so cool. Patti is 77 years old, and she lives a life that is full of curiosity and discovery. She is my personal role model when it comes to how to live and age well.
  4. Watching (short): This instagram post is just funny.

If you like this email and would like it to become a regular occurrence, let me know.

Make glorious mistakes and all that.


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