Newsletter v.3.1 | Launching [S][J][P]

This will be the title of the archive of all the stuff that I've done (and I want to preserve), the stuff I'm currently working on, and it will

Newsletter v.3.1 | Launching [S][J][P]


My guess is that some of you might have noticed that this email looks different than the last several newsletters you have received from me. This is because I'm starting a MAJOR overall of how I display all the things I make (podcasts, newsletters, pictures, etc.) on the web.

The plan is to make a SINGLE destination online where people can find all of my creative output. I'll be unavailing this new website to all of you soon.

But till then, let me give you a general update on a few things that I'm working on at the moment.


InForm: Podcast did a really great interview with psychoanalytic superstar Todd McGowan.

This is the second time Todd has been a guest on InForm. The first time he was on the show we talked about his experience as an analysand/patient, and this time we had a very informal (but really fun) conversation about bringing psychoanalytic theory into the classroom.

It's taking me longer than normal to get this one out because I made a really dumb mistake during the recording process. We started and I thought I had hit the record button... Operative term: I Thought I had it.

We were talking for about 25 min before I realized the mistake I made. I was super embarrassed. We did a restart, and recovered some of what we had said in the not recorded 25 min, but I think that it took us a little bit to ramp the energy level of the conversation back up. Be that as it may, we all had a lot of fun talking about this.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Which of the four discourses does Todd tend to teach in?
  • Some best practices for teaching.
  • Does psychoanalysis need to be marginalized in the classroom?
  • Grade inflation!
  • Transference to institutions.
  • And Todd reveals something about what he believes he has failed to do.

I’m hoping that I can get this out sometime in the next two weeks. (I’d like to get it out sooner, but I’ve got sooooo much grading to do. Ugh.)

I also want to re-do the tile card (what you see when you look up the podcast) to something new. No idea when I'll actually get to that.

I've got an interview I did a long time ago with Tiberius Victoria Publicca Gracchus, and I can't find the time to get it edited/mixed. After the Todd interview is out that is what I plan to work on next.

This will be the title of the archive of all the stuff that I've done (and I want to preserve), the stuff I'm currently working on, and it will be where I post all the news stuff I make as I make it.

  • It will archive newsletters & blog posts (more on the difference between the two later).
  • It will archive podcasts (InForm: Podcast, From78, The Gorman Limit).
  • It will archive some old photographic work I did many years back, and any new photographic work I do.
  • It will provide people with an RSS feed they can use to stay up-to-date via a feed reader. (If you don't know what RSS is don't worry about this. But if you do know how to use RSS I think this will be really cool for you. One day I’d like to write an essay about how wonderful RSS is... If only there were more time in my life!)

The structure of the site will be an index. I'm still trying to figure out how densely linked the index will be, but I'm 100% sure the format of the site will be very indexish. If you go to the site now you'll see where I'm at in the building process, and you can dive into some of the indexed categories like:

  • Lacanian Mojo – Stuff about Lacan & psychoanalysis.
  • Imagography – Photography, and other graphical things.
  • Notebook – An open notebook of things I find and don't want to forget about.

There will be more categories coming as I keep building up the archive with all of my "old stuf," and keep adding new stuff.

The [S][J][P] stands for something, and I'll announce what it stands for later.

(Anyone want to guess?)


I'm still working on putting together this massive portfolio of stuff I'll be submitting in my quest for tenure. It is due in two phases. The first stuff is due 5/15 and the second (larger amount of stuff) is due on 6/15.

Thinking about it as I write these words makes me feel anxious. I will be beyond happy when this is all done and turned in.

As soon as it is done I want to start to dump some time and energy into a writing project.


On that note I've run out of time to write this. Stay tuned for more info on [S][J][P], and podcasts.

Till then: Make glorious mistakes!

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