My wife’s birthday is coming up, and the other day (jokingly) I asked her, “You want a chainsaw for your birthday?”

“You know, the chainsaw was originally made to widen the birth Canal.” She replied.

I thought she was joking and I said, “That makes sense.”

“I’m serious.” She told me.


“The fact that you don’t know that shows that you don’t know how much society hate women. It’s like a deep hatred.”

“I don’t have anything I can really say to that.”

“You should Google it.”

So I did Google it

Two doctors invented the chainsaw in 1780 to make the removal of pelvic bone easier and less time-consuming during childbirth. It was powered by a hand crank and looked like a modern-day kitchen knife with little teeth on a chain that wound in an oval.

Wow. The things you don’t know until you do.

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