TGL - 011 Negativity & The Death Drive

TGL - 011 Negativity & The Death Drive


In this episode of The Gorman Limit, Neil talks more about the concepts of negativity as lack (rather than as bad) and the death drive. This episode is a continuation of Neil's work teaching a seminar on doing clinical work with individuals.


0:00 - 0:11 - I got this song stuck in my head...
0:11 - 5:00 - Introduction.

  • I'm reaching a seminar.
  • In this episode, I'll be talking about the concept of...
  • Negativity
  • Death-drive

5:00 - 20:35 - The Negative Pt. 1

  • Negative does not mean "bad".
  • Negativity as not having.
  • Negative liberty V. Positive liberty.
  • Negative reinforcement v. Positive reinforcement.
  • It is the stuff we don't have that motivates us, more than what we do have.

20:35 - 28:21 - The Negativity P.t 2

  • Don Draper "Happiness is the thing you have before we need more happiness ."
  • Having is good, but we are (generally) more focused on what we lack that makes us do things and stuff.

28:21 - 37:35 - Death Drive Pt. 1

  • The time before we are born is stress & anxiety-free.
  • Freud says we might want to get back to that.
  • Life is a struggle.
  • If the struggle is enjoyable (if there is jouissance in it) then we desire to continue to live.
  • If the struggle is not enjoyable (if there is no jouissance in it) then we desire to die.

37:35 - 44:28- Let's try to bring it all together.

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