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Hello all,

Normally, I write this newsletter in little bits over the week, but this week I did not have nay extra time to do it. I’m currently taking a break from prepping a class to write this.

It is a short one.


Episode 010 of The Gorman Limit, where I talk about jouissance, is out. I’ve also created a section on the main [S][J][P] site for The Gorman Limit.

Jared and I are trying to get our schedules to sync up, so we can record the next episode of InForm, which, I think, will be about why so many people enjoy disliking Freud. I’m also working to set up more interview style episodes with a variety of different people.


I actually did a lot of writing this week, but all of it was related to my tenure dossier. Most the stuff I wrote this week involved looking at quantitative data (pre-test and post-test data, grade distributions, hours spent on different projects, etc.) Writing this thing is something I really hate doing, but it is something I need to do, so I’m doing it.

(Thanks for letting gripe about the process.)

In this post I showed some of the writing that is on the back burner till after this tenure dossier is done.


All the screenshots in this post are from the Ulysses app, which is the main app I use for writing. (I’m writing this newsletter in Ulysses.) I’ve frequently gone back and forth on using either Bear or Ulysses, but nowadays, I use Bear for a particular type of writing, and Ulysses for another type of writing.

  • If I’m doing pure note-taking I tend to use Bear, because of the ability to link notes together, like you can see here.
  • If I’m writing something for other people to read I tend to write in Ulysses.

Ulysses was the first non-Word and non-Google docs app that I really loved using, and today I still find using something that makes writing easier for me.

The Liminal Station:

A new section of the newsletter that will focus on ambient, post-classical, (i.e., contemporary classical music), and electronic music. I might throw in some slow cinema stuff as well.

Here is a playlist to kick this section of the newsletter off with.

Ghosts of My Life:

I was not sure what to put in this section of the newsletter this week, and I’ve opted to point you to this playlist of some of the music that has really stuck with me over the years.

Living in the Jackpot:

It seems to me that the Apple v. Spotify wars have really picked up speed.

For the moment, I’m enjoying the these two tech giants trying to out flank one another.


Till next time: Damn the demand, save the desire, & make glorious mistakes.


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